Tamar Class

The English life boats have an interesting design and a great color scheme. The optins to launch some on slipways to avoid the rough coastline is another fascinating aspect that prompted me to buy the blueprint from the RNLI shop. The scale is 1:25.
Back in December 2014, I bought a partially build Tenby kit that was offered on facebook. It was a 1:32 scaled model from Model Slipway. since I preferred to build the 1:25 TAMAR based on hte RNLI blueprints first, this project was schelved for a while. Also, the model had a hull that was perpared for a single drive and a singel rudder. The tunneled prop shafts were no foreseen.
When I started the project in 2018, I first removed the already glued in rudder and drive shafts, and modelled the tunnels. It took attempts until the result was acceptable and the build could continue.

In 2020 the deck was repaired from some modifications by the first owner, and the 2 Graupner Speed 400 motors were installed and the hull was painted. refocussing on the Tamar, the projet went largely dormant until 2022.

2022: restarting with detailing the painte hull.

2022: to be continued

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06. March 2022