Tamar Class

The English life boats have an interesting design and a great color scheme. The optins to launch some on slipways to avoid the rough coastline is another fascinating aspect that prompted me to buy the blueprint from the RNLI shop. The scale is 1:25.
I decided to break new ground by building the hull as prototye for preparing a cast. But first making of the hull was somewhat complicated since the ribs had to be constructed for the line plan - also new to me.
2.12.14 under construction

Sommer 2016 preparing the cast. The two halves were prepared on the waxed wooden original. The first half was easily separated, the second half was difficult; but while the original was destroyed, the cast could be rescued and was used to prepare the hull.

The hull required quite some afterworks and as I learned recently was quite heavy. I was told that not using gelcoat would reduce the weight.

Spring 2017: The hull was equippes with bow thurster, rudders prop shafts and further details.

Summer 2017: The wheelhouse and more details were build.

2018-2020: More detail, more color, start the electical installation.

2021-2022: I decided to prepare an internal fitout. Preparing decals was done before the maiden voayage.

2021: Park im Grünen, Basle: maiden voayge that revealed that the speed was rather slow (2S LiPos) and weight too high. Changing the motor mounts and the mecanics for opening the gate saved some 300 g

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