SAR Holmsund - CB-90H

Combat Boat 90 is a Swedish devleopment of a twin jet powered fast boat with a low drought and thus designed for the Swedish coastline. The boat is in used around the world by military units, but also for the police, e.g. Sweden and Guardia di Financia, Italy. The boat is also used as ambulance boat and SAR vessel.
The model is based on a Kirck wooden kit that was adapted as RC model equipped with 2 jet drives. In 2017, first attapts to fit the jets failed due to lack of space in the hull. The wooden construct was 'heavy'duty and many parts were mainly to facilitate the next steps. Upon finishing the model, a lot of the structure was removed as it is not required.

2021: maiden voyage im Park im Grünen, Basle. The accu needs to be positioned further back and should be smaller. The reverse thrust was not connected and sometimes interferred with driving.

A more defined accu position and a smaller an lighter accu were implemented and the reverse thrust was implemented. test to follow.

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06. March 2022